Séminaire DIC-ISC-CRIA – 17 novembre 2022 avec Tom ZIEMKE

Tom ZIEMKE – 17 novembre 2022

Titre : The observer’s grounding problem in human-robot interaction

Résumé :

People commonly attribute intentional mental states, such as beliefs and goals, to robots (Thellman et al., 2022; Ziemke, 2020). In a recent paper we formulated the perceptual belief attribution problem (Thellman & Ziemke, 2021): How can people interacting with robots understand what they know about the shared physical environment without knowing much about those robots’ sensors, perception, memory, etc.? In this talk I’ll focus on the observer’s grounding problem, which is the other side of the same coin, i.e., the fact that in interaction with a robot people tend to make anthropomorphic, folk-psychological attributions, based on their own grounding rather than the robot’s

Bio :

Tom ZIEMKE is Professor of Cognitive Systems at Linkoping University, Sweden. His main research interests are in situated/embodied cognition and social interaction, with a current focus on people’s interaction with different types of autonomous technologies, ranging from social robots to automated vehicles. A long-standing research interest is the relation between cognition and computation – and the resulting (mis-) conceptions of AI among both researchers and the general public


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