Futurs étudiants

Future Students

The Program

The vast majority of students that join the Doctoral Program in Cognitive Informatics are drawn by the possibility to carry out a thesis project in the two domains of Cognitive Informatics, as well as the possibility, for some, to do a PhD in the Computer science domain “despite” their schooling in the humanities.

The Doctoral program is multidisciplinary, meaning that its knowledge and methods come from several distinct scientific and philosophical disciplines. Therefore, the domains of psychology, biology, neuroscience, mathematics, linguistics (all disciplines that all try to understand how living beings get to know their biological, social and physical environments and act intelligently within them) are merged with the domains of computer science and artificial intelligence (which try to create artificial systems that are also capable of knowing and acting intelligently within their environments).

The doctoral program leads mainly to computer science prospects, without being limited to the applied aspects of the domain. The right balance, as much by the classes offered as the diverse student career developments, has to be maintained between the fundamental and applied dimensions.


Cognitive Informatics (CI)

CI is defined as an applied research area that calls upon Cognitive Sciences, especially in relation to the cognitive processes of the manifestation of intelligence, and on Artificial Intelligence technologies. CI is also dedicated to the development of methodologies, techniques and tools permitting the development of models for knowledge-based systems to support certain activities carried about by organizations.