Future Students

Future Students- Progress and Structure of the Program

At the completion of the refresher courses, the student must submit a description of his research project (2 pages) to the SCAE, covering in a satisfactory manner both the computer science and cognitive science components of his project.

Common core courses (8 credits) :

Specialization courses (6 credits)

Two courses chosen among the following, following an agreement with the research directors or among those proposed by other programmes, at the suggestion of the research directors and after the agreement of the SCAE. The courses in this list with 'DIC' in their code are proposed alternately, according to the modalities that take into account student demande and that will be decided by the Program Committee. 

An activity of choice (3 credits)

Doctoral Exam (6 credits)

The doctoral exam includes the following two activities:

Thesis (67 credits)

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