Future Students

Future Students- Refresher Courses

The refresher courses are different for the two student backgrounds (computer science or cognitive science), in both cases 3 courses for a total of 8 credits that the student must successfully complete during two sessions before s/he can be definitively accepted to the program.

For the candidates that have a computer science background, these cases are DIC8101, DIC8102 and DIC8103, which offer them a base in cognitive sciences (DIC8101 et DIC8102) and a tutor supervision (DIC8103) for the development of the cognitive component of their research project.

For students that have a non-computer-science background, they must complete courses DIC8001, DIC8002 and DIC8003, which offer basic foundations of the important computer science concepts (programming languages, conception and implementation of applications).

  • DIC8001 Analysis, Modelisation and Conception of Computer Systems (3 cr.)

  • DIC8002 Implementation of Computer Systems (2 cr.)

  • DIC8003 Fundamental Paradigms of Programming (3 cr.)

  • DIC8101 Fundamentals of Cognitive Science (3 cr.)

  • DIC8102 New Trends in Cognitive Science (3 cr.)

  • DIC8103 Cognitive Dimensions of a Project in Cognitive Informatics (2 cr.)

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