Faculty - Program Committee

The 2012-2013 program committee  is made of six professors, six students, one representative of the socio-economic sphere and one representative of the Cognitive Science Institute (ISC), the latter being a non-voting member. 

The program committee gathers 3 to 4 times a year.


  • Professors
Roger Nkambou Program director, Computer Science Department, UQAM
Stevan Harnad
Professor, Psychology Department, UQAM
France Henri
Professor, Science and Technology UER, TÉLUQ
Richard Hotte
Professor, Science and Technology UER, TÉLUQ
Hakim Lounis Professor, Computer Science Department, UQAM
Serge Robert Professor, Philosophy Department, UQAM
  • Students
Othalia Larue
Student, Comp Sci, UQAM
Ramzi Gannouni Student, Comp Sci, UQAM
Sasha Vorobyova Student, Cog Sci, UQAM
Maxime Sainte-Marie Student, Cog Sci,UQAM
Alexsandro Fernades Da Fonseca Student, TELUQ
Jesus Alberto Montero de la Cruz Student, TÉLUQ
  • External Representative
Jean-Marc Vincent Director of Strategic Projets and of Development, Language Research Development Group (LRDG Inc.)
  • ISC Representative
Pierre Poirier Director of the ISC (non voting)
  • Observer

    Étienne Gagnon, Professor, Computer Science Department, UQAM


The SCAE has four members (comp sci and cog sci), of which one TELUQ representative. It gathers every 2 weeks.
Le SCAE se réunit aux 2 semaines.

  • Members of the 2012-2013 SCAE
Roger Nkambou Professor and Director of the Doctorat en Informatique Cognitive, UQAM
Stevan Harnad Professor and Humanities representative, UQAM
Hakim Lounis Professeur and Computer Science representative, UQAM
Richard Hotte Professeur et TELUQ Representative