2012 Cognitive Informatics Conference

This event, which took place on June 6 and 7, 2012, in Montreal, was jointly organized by  Doctorate in Cognitive Informatics (UQAM), Cognitive Science Institute (ISC) and the Center for Research in Cognitive Informatics and Educational Environments (Centre de Recherche en Informatique Cognitive et Environnements de Formation- LICEF, TELUQ).

This meeting, held between students, researchers and professionals, had the goal of presenting a panorama of the latest advances made in Cognitive Informatics on one hand (current research and the main domains of application), and, on the other hand, to present the application of this research in the industrial domain. One day was dedicated to conference talks on the theme and the other was regarding various current themes in cognitive informatics. Student posters were presented in parallel during the talks. 

This year, the conference included reports on the results of the PRIOWS project in Ontology Engineering and the Semantic Web. In the afternoon of the 6th of June, the project's researchers presented the results of their research. During the day of the 7th, representatives of Hydro-Quebec and of LICEF did a presentation and demonstration of the GIT project, an innovative Hydro-Quebec project integrated in the PRIOWS project. 

Conference web site (in French)

«Modélisation semi-formelle et formelle de scénarios de travail et de formation» (June 6 2012) byJosianne Basque, professor at TELUQ and member of the Laboratory in Cognitive Informatics and Educational Environments (LICEF), Michel Léonard, member of LICEF, and Sophie Callies, doctoral student in Cognitive Informatics. 


«Middle school students’ experiences during an enquiry-based learning project» (June 6 2012) by Jamshid Beheshti, professor at McGill University. 


«Un cadre pour la restructuration des modèles ontologiques par l’ analyse relationnelle de concepts» (June 6 2012) par Roger Nkambou, Director of the Doctorate in Cognitive Informatics and professor at UQAM, and Schahrazed Fennouh, doctoral student in Cognitive Informatics. 


«OntoCASE, un outil d’ingénierie ontologique fondé sur une élicitation semi-formelle et graphique de la connaissance d’un domaine» (June 6 2012) by Michel Héon, graduate of the Doctorate in Cognitive Informatics and founding president of de Cotechnoe. 


«Résultats du programme de recherche sur l’ingénierie ontologique et le Web sémantique (PRIOWS)» (June 6 2012) by Gilbert Paquette, holder of the Canadian Research Chair in Cognitive Engineering of Distance Learning, professor at TELUQ and member of the LICEF laboratory.  


«Référencement sémantique et outils de recherche par connaissance et par compétence» (June 6 2012) by Délia Rogozan, researcher associated to the LICEF laboratory. 


«Prise de décision automatique sous incertitude: aider les robots et les astronautes à conquérir l'espace!» (6 juin 2012) by Éric Beaudry, professor at the Department of Computer Science of UQAM and researcher at the Reseach Laboratory in Management, Acquisition and Diffusion of Knowledge (GDAC).


«Définir le jeu vidéo: un survol des processus de production de sens et d’appropriation» (June 7 2012) by Maude Bonenfant, professor at the Department of Social and Public Communication and co-director of the research group Homo Ludens, a research group on communication and socialization in video games. 


«Jeu sérieux, monde virtuel Science en jeu et projet de gym cérébral» (June 7 2012) by Caroline Julien, president-founder of CREO and creator of the Sciences en jeu and Game for Science virtual worlds. 


«La sensibilité au contexte, modèles et implémentations» (7 juin 2012) by Charles Gouin-Vallerand, professeur à la TÉLUQ et chercheur au Laboratoire en informatique cognitive et environnements de formation (LICEF). 


«Relations entreprises et informatique cognitive» (7 juin 2012) Roundtable discussion with  Caroline Julien (CREO), Raouf Naggar (IREQ, Hydro Québec) and Yves Salembier (Coginov).