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The Doctoral Program in Cognitive Informatics (DIC in French) aims at the highly qualified education of students that come from different domains, in order for them to become specialists in cognitive modeling. Our students will have also acquired knowledge and developed interdisciplinary skills that enable them to:
  • model complex phenomena from a cognitive viewpoint

  • conceptualize a problem from a computer science viewpoint

  • determine the best technological means to process it.

Professors and researchers from the following areas share the students' education and supervision: Communication, Computer Science, Linguistics, Management and Technology, Philosophy, Psychology, Educational Sciences.

Program description (pdf in French)

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DIC Seminar Archive 2006-2011


Thursday, 25 May, 2017

CONFÉRENCE ISC: Applied Linguistic Research on Language Teaching and Learning: A Look Back and a Look Forward

Andrew D. Cohen

This plenary will highlight a series of areas deemed worthy of attention by language researchers. In some cases the research effort would entail following up on studies initiated some years ago and in other cases the effort would involve relatively new research thrusts...

Monday, 22 May, 2017

CONFÉRENCE: Machine Learning Methods for Word Learning and Perceptual Categorization

Hans Bassani

Concept acquisition is a central ability required for many cognitive tasks, including word learning for language acquisition. There is a significant amount of theoretical work suggesting that certain types of concepts can be learned through the categorization of perceptions....