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The Doctoral Program in Cognitive Informatics (DIC in French) aims at the highly qualified education of students that come from different domains, in order for them to become specialists in cognitive modeling. Our students will have also acquired knowledge and developed interdisciplinary skills that enable them to:
  • model complex phenomena from a cognitive viewpoint

  • conceptualize a problem from a computer science viewpoint

  • determine the best technological means to process it.

Professors and researchers from the following areas share the students' education and supervision: Communication, Computer Science, Linguistics, Management and Technology, Philosophy, Psychology, Educational Sciences.

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DIC Seminar Archive 2006-2011


Thursday, 30 March, 2017

SÉMINAIRE: Apprentissage profond et cognition

Yoshua Bengio

L'apprentissage profond a apporté une révolution en intelligence artificielle qui a ses racines dans l'observation du cerveau, autant au niveau des neurosciences que des sciences cognitives...

Friday, 17 March, 2017

CONFÉRENCE: IA et Jeux vidéo

Stéphanie Bouchard

À travers divers ateliers et exemples, le processus derrière la conception de jeux vidéo ainsi que les méthodes utilisées pour atteindre des objectifs prédéfinis seront examinés...